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LUMA Days brings together all the activities that compose LUMA Arles program. It kicks off the summer season with a week of public events, conferences, professional workshops, displays, and art installations.

The LUMA Days video archive offers a platform for resources and reflection on the themes of previous editions. Different formats - conferences, round tables, interviews - restitute these unique moments of intense and passionate exchanges.

LUMA Days 5 - Recompose : Roadmap for possible worlds (september 2021)

The 2021 edition of LUMA Days proposes a reflection on ways of navigating and tracing trajectories within changing realities. Whether it is a question of rethinking the habitats of each individual, using resources or even re-articulating ways of acting together.

LUMA Days 4 Online: In Transit: A Geography of Change (2020)

This year, the 4th edition of the LUMA Days offers a series of exceptional events broadcasted on the LUMA Arles site. A program of conferences, interviews, round tables and some live broadcasts enrich and nourish the theme of LUMA Days #4 « In Transit: A Geography of Change ».

The concept of transition is inherent in a time of change and renewal, leading to the transformation of how we deal with the environment, technology, economy, education, health… It calls for a global reconstruction of our systems. It is not limited to a state of mind about the world, but it allows for action to build a more resilient society.

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LUMA Days 3: TOGETHER, a declaration of interdependence (2019)

The theme explored for this new edition refers to one of the major challenges of our time: TOGETHER, a declaration of interdependence...

Why do we discuss interdependence today? The concept of interdependence appeared in 1944 with the writings of the American philosopher and historian Will Durant, author of the first Declaration of Interdependence, a manifesto that claims the principles of equality and freedom as vectors of harmony. Over time, the notions of ethics, environment, ecology, have nourished the topic and its scope, as interdependence is not limited to the relations of human to human but of the human in the world, by taking into account the direct impact of the human imprint on the environment.

While collaborative structures have existed throughout time, the early 21st century brought a growing desire for interdependence, and the establishment of more concrete actions in this respect. In a « post-work » world, our way of living together and working together will be challenged. How can we balance the new interdependence between man and machine? How do we deal with governance, responsibly, and legislative and regulatory environment where these questions can be explored and resolved?

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LUMA Days 2: Hospitality: Searching for Common Ground (2018)

The theme of this second edition is Hospitality: Searching for Common Ground.

While hospitality is a fundamental value of any culture, linked to the timeless and universal ideal of profound affiliation, today it seems to have lost its true meaning, until recently adopting a contrary resonance.

Our project at the Parc des Ateliers, an interdisciplinary platform that produces and hosts artistic and cultural activities, was conceived as a site for hospitality. This theme is also inherent in the design of the site’s park and garden. Hospitality is an individual act and a collective action, that of course goes beyond the limits of the Parc des Atelier and affects every citizen in Arles and the Camargue region.

Throughout the week, several themes follow and nourish the exchanges around hospitality, such as climate change, design, territorial resilience, heritage, culture, foreign, identity... The LUMA Nights host shows, performances and DJ sets, and make way for enchantment and celebration.

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LUMA Days 1 : Scenarios for a City in a Bioregion (2017)

This first edition of the LUMA Days, entitled Scenarios for a City in a Bioregion, presented an annual event created and designed by LUMA Arles.

Located at the intersection of art, design, technology, activism and ecology, LUMA Days act as a mediator between local and global and draw credible and sustainable scenarios thanks to the implementation of creative and collaborative processes.

During this event, the research and production work carried out by Atelier LUMA is shared with the public, as this laboratory aims to place Arles on the map of platforms for reflection and innovation.

This first edition was created in collaboration with Ideas City and the New Museum in New York.

The stage was set to explore scenarios for the city of Arles and its rural context. Bringing together international and local experts and influencers, the weeklong workshops reflects on the possibilities and opportunities of five future city scenarios: 1/City of Culture & Agriculture; 2/ City as Campus: 3/ 21st Century Factory Town; 4/ UNESCO City 3.0, and 5/The Global Village.

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