Replay : Les nouvelles pratiques dans le bâtiment (Anglais)

LUMA Eco Days #2

Intervenant·e·s  Laurens Bekemans
Intervenant·e·s  Maria Finders
Intervenant·e·s  Sébastien Dutherage
Intervenant·e·s  Daniel Bell
Intervenant·e·s  Rachid Mizrahi
Intervenant·e·s  Nicolas Guignard
Intervenant·e·s  Fanny Guiol
Intervenant·e·s  Olivier Gaujard
Intervenant·e·s  Laurent Lartaud
Intervenant·e·s  Valérie Decot
Intervenant·e·s  Ken de Cooman
Intervenant·e·s  Frédéric Corset
Intervenant·e·s  Bruno Gehant
Intervenant·e·s  Madeleine Masse
Intervenant·e·s  Vincent Delahaye
Année  2020

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This series of conferences focused on the New practices in building in order to question the global approach to sustainable development in this industry.


  • 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm: Architecture and eco-materials
    Case study

    Laurens Bekemans, BC Architects & Studies (Bruxelles, BE)
    Simon Darves-Blanc, La Pierre au Carré (Arles, FR)
    Rachid Mizrahi, TADELAKT and CO (Arles, FR)
    Nicolas Guignard, EnvirobatBDM (Marseille, FR)
    Fanny Guiol & Daniel Bell, Atelier LUMA (Arles, FR)
  • 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm: The recovery plan: an opportunity for eco-materials ?  
    The place of eco-materials in the recovery plan
    Legislation, regulation and insurance
    Recycling of building materials

    Olivier Gaujard, Constructions régénératrices / EnvirobatBDM (Avignon, FR)
    Laurent Lartaud, SOCOTEC (Montpellier, FR)
    Valérie Décot, R-aedificare (Marseille, FR)
    Ken de Cooman, BC Architects & Studies (Bruxelles, BE)
  • 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm: Paths for a new sustainable model in the building industry
    Carbon model
    Creation of new sectors
    Integration, qualifications and new professions

    Speakers :
    Frédéric Corset, Envirobat BDM (Marseille, FR)
    Bruno Gehant, CFA BTP (Arles, FR)
    Valérie Décot, R-aedificare (Marseille, FR)
    Madeleine Masse, AREP (Paris, FR)
    Vincent Delahaye, Le Village (Cavaillon, FR)

Why this thematic?

In the face of climate and environmental impacts, all players in the building industry must deepen an inter-professional dialogue in order to trace the shortest path towards the resilience of our cities and countryside. The future environmental regulation of new buildings will be a structuring step towards low carbon and energy buildings, which will mark a major change by setting, for the first time, a target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in construction, and thus putting the fight against global warming at the forefront.


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