Where to stay in Arles?

Planning a visit at Le Parc des Ateliers and looking for a somewhere to stay in Arles? Discover our curated list of places to sleep near LUMA Arles’s creative campus.

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Hôtel du Parc

This intimate 11 room hotel is located in the heart of the Parc des Ateliers de LUMA Arles.

The Hotel du Parc offers a spectacular view of Frank Gehry's Tower, ideal for observing its changing light.

Overlooking the historic buildings and the landscape garden, this hotel is at the heart of the ecosystem created by landscape architect Bas Smets. At nightfall, you will have the chance to wander around and feel the ancient tranquillity of the Alyscamps necropolis.


More than a hotel: a total work of art by Jorge Pardo.

Staying at L'Arlatan means being transported into a colourful universe. One comes to sleep, eat, or just sip on one of our bar's signature cocktails.

At L'Arlatan, the rooms are all unique and always with the artistic touch of the Cuban-American designer.

Le Cloître

A House like no other in the heart of Arles.

A few steps away from historical monuments and the famous market of Arles, your home in Arles is ideally located.

Le Cloître is a boutique hotel designed by India Mahdavi, a house where life is easy.

Solo travellers, couples and groups of friends come and go. Everyone is welcome in the warm and colourful rooms. Stay at Le Cloître to vibrate to the sounds of a festive city and enjoy the Arlesian farniente.

Want to get to the Parc des Ateliers? A twelve-minute walk and you are there!

Le Nord-Pinus

A mythic hotel, a monument of Arles.

Le Nord-Pinus is a major venue in Arles. Located on the Place du Forum, its terrace, its bar, its lounges and its rooms have welcomed highly respected guests. From Ernest Hemingway to Cocteau, Picasso, Inès de la Fressange to Kate Moss, be the next one to write a new page of the hotel's history.

The Nord-Pinus continues its journey through the decades, always with its timeless modernity.

Our others recommandations

  • Hôtel & Spa Jules César Arles ***** 
  • Hôtel Maison Volver **** 
  • Hôtel Le Calendal *** 
  • Hôtel Le Forum *** 
  • Hôtel de l'Amphitheatre ***
  • Hôtel Le Voltaire **

And dozens of other good addresses that we let you discover in Arles, in the Camargue and in the Alpilles! Don't hesitate to share them with us!



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