Eden Tinto Collins

Eden Tinto Collins (she/they/us) has developed her practice of visual arts through the National School of Fine Arts in Paris Cergy. Poet, hypermedia, and -trobairitz, she explores the notions of networks and interdependence, f.r.ictions between melancholy, mythology, and post-, trans-, and cyber-humanity. Their devices are relational, noetic (to connect the thought and the spirit), and are translated by sound, voice, installation, video, and performance.
Her first narrative, Bonne Arrivée, was published in July 2021 as part of the Fraîches Fictions collection. Since 2021, Eden Tinto Collins has been developing, in partnership with Societies and the Worms Prestige association, acéphale studio, an alternative space for residencies and workshops in Joinville-le-Pont, as well as a production structure at the initiative of several in situ projects such as Numin (a space opera) and A Pinch of Kola (a quantum sitcom).

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