Feda Wardak

Artist, architect, and researcher

Feda Wardak is a French Afghan artist, architect, and researcher based in Paris. His work focuses on the impact of imperialist and capitalist dynamics on inhabited environments. He works on the effects of armed conflict in Afghan tribal areas, the destruction of housing estates in France, water management policies, and the consequences of extractivism on landscapes and bodies. His artistic devices allow interventions in landscapes to reveal the violence that acts upon them. This often-invisible structural violence is gradually contributing to the pollution, transformation, and disappearance of entire ecosystems. Faced with these emergency situations, Feda Wardak distinguishes between what is “fair” and what is “legal.” The artistic works he deploys are defended as tools of jurisprudence that attempt to displace the legal framework. His work has been presented at various biennials (Venice, Dhaka, Chicago, Lagos, Lyon, etc.) and exhibitions (MAC VAL, FRAC Grand Large, Ateliers Médicis, etc.), but he feels that it is above all in the public space that he has presented his most accomplished creations.

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