Le Réfectoire

Former workers’ canteen of the Parc des Ateliers, this building has returned to its original function and houses Le Réfectoire, one of LUMA Arles’ restaurants.

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History and initial purpose

The former workers’ canteen

Le Réfectoire, a building located to the north-west of the Parc des Ateliers and adjacent to the historic gateway to Avenue Victor Hugo, was the railway site’s canteen, which was open to staff at lunchtime and in the evening. 

Building renovation

An interior design by Martino Gamper, in collaboration with Atelier LUMA.

Renovated in 2020 by Selldorf Architects, this historic hospital center has been redesigned to accommodate one of the restaurants in the Parc des Ateliers. The Italian designer Martino Gamper’s studio is responsible for the interior design and decoration as part of the “Tutti Frutti” project. During a residency at LUMA Arles, Gamper developed a range of custom-made furniture for the building and its terrace.

The design was made in close collaboration with Atelier LUMA and local collaborators, and the objects created were manufactured on site. The resulting pieces of furniture are richly rooted in the region and imbued with a strong artistic dimension.

"Design is interesting when it's a dialogue" Martino Gamper, about Le Réfectoire Victor & Simon


Le Réfectoire, one of LUMA Arles’ restaurants, opened in this historic building in June 2020.

The former workers’ canteen has returned to its original function and, since June 2020, has been home to Le Réfectoire, LUMA Arles’ friendly restaurant, offering traditional and generous food prepared with fresh seasonal produce.


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