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Since 2015, Luma Arles has been developing an educational program that animates ateliers for a young audience in schools in Arles, surrounding cultural centers and the Parc des Ateliers.

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The educational projects cover a range of themes, such as architecture, design, and the environment, as well as more specific subjects that are related to the artistic program. This discovery of art, in all its forms, encourages students to develop their sensitivity and creativity in a playful and instructive way.

Each year, the students and their relatives gather at LUMA for an exhibition in Parc des Ateliers of the work they created during that year. This event highlights both the creations of the students and reflects on their experience of the program.  

The Creative Classroom: Art in the Classroom! "Invites middle school students to design and produce a project around an artistic field (photography, design, sculpture etc), accompanied by an artist-intervenor with experience in this field. Mélanie Grondin

Ongoing Projects

Where is your place in Nature? Repositioning humans within biodiversity

Implemented for the first time in 2020, this educational project invites middle school children to question the place of Man within biodiversity.

The project "Where is your place in Nature? Replacing humans within biodiversity" invites students to consider more attentively the environment, the seasonal cycles, and the knowledge of plant species through encountering the vegetable garden of La Chassagnette located in the heart of the Camargue, and the landscape park of the Parc des Ateliers in Arles.

The aim of the project is to introduce children to the life cycle of the plant world, from its beginning as a seed to its end, on a plate. The workshop also promotes the understanding of the seasonality of plants, fruits and vegetables, to develop the students observation of nature, discovery, respect for the environment and biodiversity in the Arles area.

The project is divided into several phases that include:

Adrian Deweerdt

The Creatives: art in the classroom!

The Creative Classroom: Art in the Classroom! "Invites middle school students to design and produce a project around an artistic field (photography, design, sculpture etc), accompanied by an artist-intervenor with experience in this field.

Initiated in 2019 "The Creatives: art in the classroom!" invites students to create a project around an artistic field (photography, fine arts, design, architecture, etc.) accompanied by an artist-intervenor with regular practice in this field.

This educational program is offered to middle and high school students in the City of Arles.

The experience includes a visit to the Parc des Ateliers followed by workshop sessions done in class. Focusing on a chosen theme, the students and the artist-intervenor collaborate to create a collective work, beginning with the reflection to its production.

The objectives of this project is to promote, with the students, the development of an aesthetic judgment and an artistic criticism through experimentation. This project also emphasizes the notions of production and collective creation.

Adrian Deweerdt

Creative objects

For the first time in 2022, LUMA Arles is offering the project “Creative Objects”, an educational program in the form of three individual and independent workshops, which will be proposed to schools in the city of Arles as part of the Cahier Resources program.

LUMA Arles invites students to discover the links between everyday objects and their environment. From the study of biomimicry and a reflection on raw materials, children put themselves in the shoes of a designer to create moving objects that react to natural elements (water, air, earth and so on).

This project proposes a creative workshop to school groups led by a mediator: creating a reactive object that rolls, float or fly. The objects are then tested in The Tower and the garden of LUMA.

The Parc des Ateliers, a transformation with a thousand facets

Launched in 2021, “Le Parc des Ateliers, a transformation with a thousand facets” was created to introduce elementary school students to the historical, landscape, architectural and cultural richness of LUMA Arles.

This project takes place over the school year and invites young students from Arles to understand the transformations of the Parc des Ateliers, from its ancient origins to the present day, during several sessions, including two on site. They thus approach different layers of the history of the park: Roman necropolis, railway workshops, landscaped park, exhibition spaces...

In addition, a reflection on the architecture of The Tower and the LUMA Arles cultural center is part of the program that rethinks the relationship to work and to contemporary creation. A restitution of the work carried out is planned for the end of the year.

Adrian Deweerdt

Past Projects

In addition to current educational projects, there are past projects developed in connection with the artistic programming of LUMA Arles.

Architectures and landscapes

"Architectures and landscapes" was one of the projects created by LUMA Arles throughout the construction of the Parc des Ateliers, with the aim of raising student’s awareness of contemporary architecture and landscaping.

The first educational project developed by LUMA Arles, "Architectures and Landscapes" was proposed to several schools across Arles.

Since 2015, more than 1,000 students have participated in this project. Over the year, they were in budding architects and landscape designers ‘place.

After a visit of the Parc des Ateliers, several sessions were conducted in class by mediators. Educational tools were entrusted to teachers and their students so that they could develop an architectural and landscape project, the culmination of which was the production of models.


In the skin of a designer

Since 2018, LUMA Arles has offered the workshop "In the Skin of a Designer" as part of the extracurricular program of the city of Arles.

This atelier, focused on the theme of design, was originally presented in an original format that resonated with the research and experimentation carried out at Atelier LUMA.

This project raises awareness of the designer's role through a cycle of creative and interactive workshops. In the company the designer Lucille Bouroullec, students of Arles summer programs discovered different manufacturing processes, techniques and materials.

During a cycle of 6 sessions held on Wednesdays, the children worked together to design an original collection of thoughtful objects that question the themes of identity, relationships with others and our links to the environment.


From the thread to the catwalk

During the Gucci Cruise fashion show, held at the Alyscamps necropolis on the 30th of May 2018, LUMA Arles worked with ANTI_FASHION and the city of Arles, organized educational workshops centered on the fashion industry.

This project called “du Fil au DéFILé” brought together five schools, public actors in the social field and a training center. The 300 or so participants thus discovered during the course of this educational program, the transformation of fabric, from a thread to the creation of a garment.


LUMA promotion

As part of a three-year partnership (2017-2020), LUMA Arles sponsored the "Industrial Boilermaking Technician" class at the Lycée Professionnel Charles Privat in Arles.The program, titled “Promotion LUMA”, offered students insight into the professional world through a series of immersive workshops.

In collaboration with the teaching team, The Foundation guided and supported the 28 students from the same academic specialty through a varied program that included tours of the Parc des Ateliers and The Tower, meetings with professionals from different fields (farming, cultivation, building, industry…) and integration in work sites.


LUMA and the Charles Privat High School have partnered for the creation of the “LUMA promotion” (2017-2020) for the School’s Industrial Boilermaker Technicians course, bringing together 29 students for educational and creative projects around the themes of construction, design, architecture and artistic programs. Victor & Simon


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