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From May 28, 2023
Visits of the exhibition « Bioregional Design Practices – Lot 8 Project »

From May 28, Atelier LUMA will present the renovation project of Le Magasin ÉlectriqueLot 8, through an exhibition in its agora. 

Like a mise en abyme of the building within the building, the exhibition will present the research and development of materials and products for the building, models and prototypes at different scales, and a film retracing the milestones of this major renovation. 

Carried out in collaboration with the agencies BC architects & studies and Assemble as well as a large network of collaborators in the region, the Lot 8 renovation project is the materialization of Atelier LUMA's bioregional design practices within the Parc des Ateliers in Arles. 

On site, visitors will be able to discover the technical and aesthetic research carried out and immerse themselves in the history of this pilot rehabilitation, with at the heart of the approach, the valorization of traditional know-how, collective experiments on the site, the development of materials rooted in the Arles bioregion and the creation of a local and international network of expertise to share knowledge. 

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Model of Le Magasin Électrique and rotomolded biopolymer stools

Joana Luz

Mezzanine of Bloc B of Le Magasin Électrique

Joana Luz


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