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Initiated by Neïl Beloufa, EBB invites artists, authors, and filmmakers to experiment with the technologies that shape our digital lives in today’s attention economy.

Along a digital and physical infrastructure network in the Parc des Ateliers and The Tower, unfolding storylines transform the visit to LUMA Arles into a self-directed narrative journey. Me Time leads to an interactive and immersive projection room manifesting the viewer’s imagination in distorted and unpredictable ways.

As part of a long-term research interest on the use of innovation in the service of artists’ visions, Me Time showcases technologies such as generative AI, data privacy, recommendation algorithms, and information personalization, making them accessible and actionable. Taking the form of a gamified experience, this project provides a space for ongoing experimental cultural production and a generative, artist-led use of technologies.

The inaugural artist participating in Me Time is Jill Mulleady. The next participating artists will soon be announced

Fear of Losing You, in collaboration with Jill Mulleady.

For Me Time, with Fear of Losing You, Jill Mulleady (Uruguay, 1980) conjures up a childhood memory that appeared in a dream, and attempts to retranscribe it through the generation of images. A room in the estuary of the Río de la Plata, then a lighthouse on a beach in the South Atlantic become the shifting backdrops for a fable told by a haunting voice, in which the protagonists are subjected to the acceleration of time. Drawing a parallel between the image-making capacity of one's own memory and that of an artificial intelligence, Mulleady questions the evocative value of the dream image when it is generated by the machine.


Organized by Simon Castets, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, Director of Exhibitions and Programs, Fabian Gröning, Project Manager for Strategic Initiatives and Martin Guinard, Curator.



EBB is a hybrid studio that combines technology and creativity, explores new ways of transformation, and shapes multidisciplinary projects to innovatively engage audiences and stimulate cultural innovation. Founded by Neïl Beloufa and led by a cross-disciplinary team of artists, curators, researchers, and developers, EBB is dedicated to creating interactive, immersive, and multimedia experiences that are distinctive in their formats, content, and techniques. At the same time, EBB supports educational initiatives, giving young people from diverse backgrounds access to culture and technology.

Neïl Beloufa


Neïl Beloufa (b. 1985, Paris) is a Franco-Algerian artist who lives  and works in Paris. Through his multidisciplinary practice, he explores the issues associated with the interaction between art and technology. Nominated for the Prix Marcel-Duchamp in 2015, his work has been  the subject of monographic exhibitions in France and abroad, including at K11 (Shanghai), MoMA (New York), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Pirelli HangarBicocca (Milan), and Secession (Vienna). He took part in the Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2013, the Shanghai Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2014, and the Venice Biennale in 2013 and 2019.

Jill Mulleady


Jill Mulleady was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is Swiss Uruguayan, based between Los Angeles, United States and Paris, France. Mulleady works primarily in painting and often intervenes in the spaces where she exhibits, staging the paintings with readymades, sculptures, and architectural installations, exploring themes of memory, transformation, and the power of history. Her practice shifts between close observations of everyday reality and highly elaborated imaginary worlds. These paintings can be seen as allegories for the contemporary experience of the image as interface: not just representing a picture but a mean of mobilizing attention, bodies, affects, to connect emotionally and physically in an increasingly virtualized space.


Selected solo & group exhibitions include: Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin (2024), Gladstone Gallery, New York (2022); Le Consortium, Dijon (2021); Made in LA 2020, Hammer Museum & Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens, San Marino (2020), Whitney Museum of American Art (2020), Gladstone Gallery, Brussels (2020); Swiss Institute, New York (2019);  Galerie Neu, Berlin (2018); Schloss, Oslo (2018); Kunsthalle Bern (2017); and Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples (2015). In 2019 Mulleady’s work was included in May You Live in Interesting Times at the 58th Venice Biennale. 


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