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From 10 to 25 people per group, choose:

A guided tour with LUMA’s mediators

The Tower: An artistic and architectural journey 
During this guided tour you will be introduced to the LUMA Arles project, and the architecture of The Tower imagined by Frank Gehry. Throughout your journey through the tower, you will discover the original artistic projects and design research works presented in this extraordinary building.
Duration: 1h30 / Language: FR or EN

LUMA Arles: Thinking a cultural campus for the 21st century
The LUMA Arles project, a place for exhibitions, research, sharing and creation, is located on the former industrial wasteland of the Parc des Ateliers. From the rehabilitation of the railway workshops to the construction of the Tower imagined by Frank Gehry, through the creation of the ambitious landscape garden and original artistic collaborations, this visit invites you to understand the transformations that have made the creation of this experimental cultural centre possible.


A self-guided tour

Discover the LUMA project freely (The Tower and the park) in group, without mediator. We inform you that all guided tours are only given by LUMA’s mediators. The visits with an external guide are not permitted.

Are you an adults’ group?
Friends, collaborators, associations, companies… Visit LUMA together in guided or self-guided tour.

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Are you a social sphere group?
Social and medico-social establishments, neighbourhood centres, social centres, local missions, municipal social action centres... Experience LUMA with a guided or self-guided tour.

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Are you a school or youth group?
Schools, universities, leisure centres… Explore LUMA on a guided or self-guided tour.

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