Solaris Chronicles

Frank Gehry

Solaris Chronicles was inaugurated on April 5 on the occasion of the laying of the first stone of The Tower designed by Frank Gehry. 
Through the exhibition of Gehry's large-scale models, the title of the exhibition "Solaris Chronicles" suggests both a timeline ("Chronicles") and the condition of the workday from sunrise to sunset ("Solaris"). The exhibition is conceived less as a profile of the architect than as a space that situates the visitor in the creative environment of the studio. 

"It is fascinating for me to see the interplay of my models with the work of other artists. Solaris Chronicles, and LUMA Arles itself, demonstrates the extraordinary creativity that is unleashed when artists from across disciplines work together. These models have a sense of movement I couldn't have imagined - I never thought I would have the opportunity to see them dance."
Frank Gehry

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