LUMA Days 1

Scenarios for a City in a Bioregion

Located at the crossroads of art, design, technology, engagement and ecology, LUMA Days mediates between the local and the global through collective creative processes that bring together local and international experts, researchers and creators.
During this event, the research and production work carried out by Atelier LUMA is shared with as many people as possible, as this laboratory aims to place Arles on the map of platforms for reflection and innovation.

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The inaugural edition of LUMA Days was created in collaboration with Ideas City and the New Museum in New York to explore various scenarios for the City of Arles and its rurality.
Bringing together international and local experts, the workshops take place throughout the week and unveil the possibilities and opportunities of five future city scenarios: 1/ City of Culture and Agriculture; 2/ Campus City; 3/ Factory City of the 21st Century; 4/ UNESCO City 3.0 and 5/ The Global Village.

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