LUMA Eco Days 2024

Bioregional Assembly

With LUMA Eco Days: Bioregional Assembly, we propose to examine the new dynamics of sustainable building through a professional gathering featuring case studies, presentations, and dialogue on the site of the Parc des Ateliers, designed as a creative campus and platform for shaping the future. This event aims to strike a balance between ecological, social, and economic priorities. 

The day’s program is divided into four interconnected axes, which are developed through presentations and discussions around twenty complementary projects and initiatives.

First axis: From field to building
Second axis: Materials, products, and processes emblematic of the bioregion and rich in externalities (rice straw, sunflower, and other fiber-based materials, earth and stones, algae and microalgae, recycling, reuse of buildings, etc.)
Third axis: Green finance, economic models, and structures (carbon, biodiversity, and social intensity)
Fourth axis: Ecosystems in action

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