Realities of Science Fiction

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The symposium Realities of Science Fiction engages with research in different fields to develop some of the latest interpretations of science fiction within contemporary art contexts. Over the course of one weekend, artists, writers, and researchers will address the conditions of emergence of science fictional imaginaries, the traces they leave, and the ways in which they can transform reality.

Starting from the relations between art and science fiction as traced in art history, contributors will then explore diverse artistic practices and forms of writing in the contemporary context. The history of science fiction tends to affirm that, as a critical medium and a multifaceted genre, science fiction can form possible worlds, and thus plays a key role in developing artistic, technological, and sociopolitical horizons, often by deploying new potentials, both human and non-human.

The genre of climate fiction—which is currently gaining increased attention—will be examined among other subjects, while an exploration of René Daumal’s 1952 book Mount Analogue will offer ways of looking at the work of key contemporary artists. Critically acclaimed authors and philosophers such as luvan, Federico Campagna, and Tristan Garcia will discuss their current preoccupations related to science fiction thinking, while other participants will investigate the 1980s scientific experiment Biosphere 2which will be presented under the prism of its literary influences.

The participants

Sophia Al Maria (artist), Boris Bergmann (writer), Fédérico Campagna (philosopher), Tristan Garcia (philosopher and writer), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (artist), Charlotte Houette and Clara Pacotte (artists), luvan (author), Mahan Moalemi (writer and researcher), Philippe Parreno (artist), Olivier Schefer (philosopher and writer), Jonas Staal (artist)


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Sunday, October 24th, 2021


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