Art Paper Editions: “Berlin”, Rosa Smalen / “Sophie”, Camille Vivier

“Berlin”, Rosa Smalen / “Sophie”, Camille Vivier

Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Yannick Bouillis
Participant(s)  Camille Vivier
Participant(s)  Rosa Smallen
Participant(s)  Jurgen Melfeyt
Year  2020

APE (Art Paper Editions) is an independent publishing platform founded in 2010 by Jurgen Maelfeyt of Ghent-based design studio 6’56”.

APE focusses on the book as an exhibition space and makes publications in close collaboration with artists, writers, institutions, galleries, and other cultural protagonists. Publications are crafted to the highest standards. Many of its publications are acquired by institutional libraries such as MoMA, Centre Pompidou and MACBA amongst others.

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