The Flood of Rights: Rony Brauman

Participant(s)  Rony Brauman
Year  2013

Rony Brauman is a medical doctor specialized in epidemiology and tropical diseases.

After working for many years as a field physician (bush hospitals, refugee camps, famines, armed conflicts), he became the president of Médecins sans Frontières in 1982, a position he held until 1994.

His work focuses on the political stakes of humanitarian action and more specifically on humanitarian practices and discourses during conflicts and natural disasters.

His latest books:

  • Pourquoi je suis devenu médecin humanitaire (2009);
  • La médecine humanitaire (2009);
  • Humanitaire, diplomatie et droits de l’homme, foreword by Tzvetan Todorov (2009).

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Universel Politique Conférence

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