The myth of the Arlesian

by Elvire Bonduelle

Director(s)  Leslie Robert
Participant(s)  Elvire Bonduelle
Year  2012

For the artistic project To the Moon via the Beach, Elvire Bonduelle revisits the Provençal myth of "L'Arlésienne": while she was crossing a desert, Mireille, a young woman from Arles, succumbs to sunstroke and never reaches her future husband whom she had gone to join. "L'Arlésienne" refers today this person (or thing) that we expect but never comes.

Elvire Bonduelle offers visitors parasols to avoid the same fate as the young Mireille. Moreover, these parasols, made from survival blankets, are reminiscent of the space universe.

5 july 2012 - 8 july 2012

Associated tags

Arles Arènes Collectif

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