Mark Wigley tell us about Jean Prouvé

The Architect for Better Days

Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Mark Wigley
Participant(s)  Matthieu Humery
Music by  Victor & Simon
Year  2018

A presentation of the exhibition JEAN PROUVÉ: Architect for Better Days by Prof. Mark Wigley – architect, critic, theorist and Dean Emeritus of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. This exhibition was presented at LUMA Arles from 20 October, 2017 to Spring 2018.

JEAN PROUVÉ: Architect for Better Days (organised as part of the LUMA Foundation’s guest program, together with Paris-based Galerie Patrick Seguin) is devoted to the innovative 20th century French designer of furniture and architecture. Comprising 12 prefabricated buildings, it aims to revisit the functional side of his architecture, a focus that is as timely and relevant as ever in light of today’s housing and migratory crisis.




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