Let's get personal with Alice Shintani

"This series was conceived during the pandemic. I felt very impotent: How could I react to this situation?"

Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Alice Shintani

Though it’s dark, still I sing, Works from the 34th Bienal de São Paulo marks the first exhibition of this Bienal hosted in Europe and in France. Shown at Les Forges in LUMA Arles, the selection of artworks reflects on questions of perception, transformation and how different realities can coexist. These are presented through a plurality of media, including installations, sound experiments, paintings, videos, photographs and letters.

What is the double meaning of "Mata"? In what context did she make these paintings? And how has this influenced her work?
In this interview, Alice Shintani tells us about the origin of her work and why it is important to go beyond a literal reading.

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