ALTERED EARTH by Doug Aitken

Opening performance with Terry Riley

Participant(s)  Doug Aitken
Participant(s)  Terry Riley

ALTERED EARTH – is a 21st century Earthwork. This multimedia work is described by Doug Aitken as “a series of moments and fragments of time focussing on the geography of the Camargue, which provides “an almost holographic view of the physical landscape.” The work exists through moving images, sound and architecture, exploring the ever-changing landscape. 

This film documents a one-time musical "Happening" staged inside Aitken's ALTERED EARTH installation in collaboration with Terry Riley. Riley's improvisation took place in four separate musical parts within the art installation. This film documents 4 min of Riley's 50-min performance.

Doug Aitken’s work, commissioned and produced by the LUMA Foundation as the foundation started to think of the development of the Parc des Ateliers in Arles- the capital city of the Camargue- is unique and is intrinsically linked to the region. The artist wanted the work to remain anchored in its original surroundings and be site-specific. For this reason, the work will not be re-edited and the exhibition “will not travel outside the landscape in which it was born. The work is conceived from the DNA of the Camargue landscape and will only ever physically exist there.”

This installation was presented in La Grande Halle from October 20 to November 20, 2012.

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