Atelier LUMA in Sardinia

Since its establishment in 2017 in the Camargue region, Atelier LUMA has been initiating relationships with partners in other wetland areas around the Mediterranean Sea. These ecosystems all face similar challenges, including erosion, biodiversity loss, waste management, and economic drain. They are also home to diverse wildlife and rural communities with rich cultural heritage. 

Atelier LUMA and MEDSEA (Foundation for the Mediterranean Coast and Sea) are exploring the possibilities of a craft-science-design relationship in the form of a Mediterranean pilot project in Sardinia. The project develops an approach that values the power of collaboration and advocates for international and democratic design as a tool to drive these initiatives towards sustainable solutions.

The collaboration came to fruition with the first residency project in San Vero Milis, Sardinia, which aimed to preserve the craft of weaving, to improve the socio-economic position of women weavers using design, to revitalize weaving as an integral part of the wetland eco-system. The project linked artisans with biologists, designers, 3D printing specialists and landscape architects. A collection of new objects was produced under the artistic direction of Henriette Waal.

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