Christian Marclay talks about "The Clock"

a 24-hour video montage of film clips

Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Christian Marclay

Marclay’s The Clock is a study in the perception and notion of time and an exploration of the cinematic and the medium of film. It is a 24-hour study that reveals the numeric footprint of measuring temporality through filmic sequences, deconstructing and reconstructing the sense of reality through a network of diverse but interrelated moving images. The work emerged as a unique marker in the pre-digital era of moving images and cinema,and presented the experience of time and temporality touching upon concepts such as the relation of reality and fiction.

The Clock is a 24-hour video montage of film clips, all of which contain a time stamp. As the images scroll across the screen, they indicate the time, perfectly synchronised with the time zone of the place of projection. The work is meant to be experienced in 24-hour cycles and, at LUMA Arles, the 24-hour projections will take place over a selected number of days and evenings throughout the summer.

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Art 2021 Film Exposition

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