Pascale Obolo and Jean-Pierre Bekolo: "Filmmakers lag one step behind the story."

Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Participant(s)  Pascale Obolo

Pascale Obolo is a filmmaker-researcher, independent curator, activist and editor of the art magazine AFRIKADAA. She works on questions of transmissions and exchange of knowledge and experience.

Jean-Pierre Bekolo is a filmmaker. Through a committed practice spanning thirty years, he has explored numerous cinematographic genres with the aim of deconstructing stereotypes about Africa and its cinema.

On the occasion of the Realities of Science Fiction symposium held in December 2022, they talked to us about afro-futurism. In this interview they explain what the role of a filmmaker is today, what the challenges of afro-futurism are and how cinema can participate in the invention of this future.

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