Renovation of Le Magasin Électrique

by Atelier LUMA in collaboration with BC architects & studies, and Assemble

Director(s)  Alexandre Humbert
Participant(s)  Jan Boelen
Participant(s)  Daniel Bell
Participant(s)  Caroline Bianco
Participant(s)  Laurens Bekemans
Participant(s)  Joe Halligan

For 3 years, designer and filmmaker Alexandre Humbert followed the progress of the Magasin Électrique renovation project in the Parc des Ateliers, to build a narrative as accurate as possible to the experimental methodologies implemented by Atelier LUMA in collaboration with BC architects & studies and Assemble. Through the materials, processes and challenges of building in the 21st century, this film takes an intimate look at a building in perpetual adaptation.

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