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ARLES is a magazine anchored in the territory but open to the world.
It proposes a new perspective, a look from the South to enlighten creativity in the Mediterranean. Its point of view, shifted, non-aligned, even exotic, is the product of a territory both tossed by the gusts of history and confident in the permanence of a plurimillennial humanist heritage.

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You can buy these magazines online on our website or on site at the Offprint bookstore located in the Drum Café of La Tour.

"CULTURE", "NATURE" and "IMPERMANENCE" are the key words of this magazine which wants to be on a human scale and universal in scope.

Arles Magazine #3 - Summer 2021

A special issue for the opening of La Tour and the Parc des Ateliers, Arles magazine #3 recounts in images and words the adventure of a unique project.

A collector's edition to keep in memory of a very special "Summer 21".

In this issue:

NUANCIER The reflections of a poetic architecture 
INTERVIEW Frank Gehry interviewed by Maja Hoffmann
INTERVIEW Landscape designer Bas Smets talks about the creation of the garden.
QUESTIONS / ANSWERS Everything you always wanted to know about LUMA
PORTFOLIO Annie Leibovitz, a photographer's life
STORY The adventure of a monumental tapestry by Rirkrit Tiravanija.
Sketchbook Pablito Zago's studio notebook
And many other subjects...

Arles Magazine 3

Available in English and French.

Arles Magazine #2 - 2019

To be found in issue 2:

  • Martin Parr
  • Le costume d'Arles
  • Rachel Rose
  • Juan Bautista
  • Picasso & Arles
  • La fabrique
  • La tour du Valat
  • Mohamed Bourouissa
  • Jack Pierson
  • Nord-Pinus
  • Camille Vivier

Available in English and French.

Arles Magazine #1 - 2018


To be found in issue 1:

  • Willem Dafoe & Julian Schnabel
  • Shirana Shahbazi
  • Jorge Pardo
  • Tony Gatlif
  • Alexia Niedzielski & Elizabeth Von Guttman
  • Mark Borthwick
  • Groupe F
  • François Halard
  • Arthur Jafa

Available only in french



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