Atelier LUMA is a member of LINA, a European platform that connects institutions with young professionals in architecture and related fields.

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Atelier LUMA is a member of LINA, a European platform that connects institutions with young professionals in architecture and related fields. 

Supported by the European Union, LINA promotes regenerative practices and degrowth principles in alignment with the European Green Deal. LINA sits at the core of a network that includes museums, universities, and institutions organizing events across Europe.

An annual call for projects invites young practitioners to submit their projects and become LINA fellows by collaborating with its members. The platform places emphasis on equality, social justice, equity, solidarity, and a concern for local communities. 

Our objectives include mobilizing the architecture sector for regenerative practices, supporting the New European Bauhaus, and promoting principles of adaptive reuse, renovation, and sustainability in architecture.

LINA provides visibility and opportunities for emerging professionals, supports idea development, and addresses climate challenges through a consortium of institutions. Lastly, LINA engages the public through project calls and exchange events to involve them in understanding architecture, making visible the socioeconomic contribution of architecture, and the alternative models proposed, based on equality and justice.

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Open call

Seeking emerging spatial practitioners, thinkers, and creatives to become LINA fellows

LINA is for innovative creatives who develop spatial practices that challenge the status quo. The platform welcomes new and emerging voices to help amplify theur radical ideas.

Deadline August 1st, 2023.

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Presentation of the LINA platform residency

During the inauguration of Le Magasin Électrique, we present the research developed for the first LINA Platform residency by Jakob Travnik and Studio Inscape. The comparative analysis and the “Entropoly” game are imagined as potential educational tools to further define a bioregional model to be adapted and applied around the world.

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Open call

The LINA platform invites emerging talents to submit their projects that address the environmental crisis.
LINA calls upon emerging architects and other creatives to share their ideas, projects, or practices that might help make the European Green Deal a reality.

The call for projects, is open until 12 September 2022.

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