Festival pop, rap and electro at the Parc des Ateliers
LUMA Arles x WE LOVE GREEN collaboration will be back on Saturday, September 17 at the Parc des Ateliers. Don't miss this evening of art, music and togetherness!

Parc des Ateliers

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Redcar's (Christine and the Queens) performance is cancelled

We regret to inform you that Redcar (Christine and the Queens) will not be able to be with us for this new edition of WE LOVE GREEN x LUMA Arles.

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Programme: 7:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.


Scène de La Grande Halle

  • La Femme

  • Gazo

  • Mouse Party x Mehdi Maizi with Yanis Phen

Scène de l'Étang

  • Ásgeir

  • BabySolo33

  • Yunè Pinku


JD Fanello


In perpetual movement, in permanent effervescence, the four companions evolve according to contemporary musical trends, borrowing here from electro, there from rap, without ever losing the sixties and seventies rock roots which inspired them at their beginnings from the Basque coast. At the top of a French new wave whose children and cousins are countless, La Femme has criss-crossed all territories for ten years, with nearly 500 concerts around the world (including more than a hundred in America). 


A rapper is above all a voice. Gazo's voice is just like his character: hoarse, deep, and threatening. It is also one of the most prominent of the French drill wave, a rap sub-genre that has ravaged everything in its path in France in 2020, and which has seen a swarm of young rappers trying to make a name for themselves. If the drill is his favorite music, Gazo is also obsessed with the melody, with all the perfectionism and the know-how that it implies.


Droits réservés
Droits réservés


In his music, the singular and pure voice of Ásgeir weaves narratives leading us to the sparse and dark roads of his Icelandic hometown. It conveys the aesthetics of rolling landscapes inspired by the artist's relationship with music over the past two years, which he consumed primarily while running outdoors or on long car rides. 
Ásgeir invites us to slip beyond borders, whether they are physical, imaginary or those we impose on ourselves. It is about freedom, about the desire for adventure to escape isolation but also about appreciating the wonders of nature that surround us every day. 


yunè pinku’s music taps into many facets of being a young person in the early 2020s. “I try to grasp the weird in between feelings that everyone has but no one describes, like where you feel like you should be happy but you’re not, or, if you’re at a party, and sort of tune out.” Her music bottles this disembodied feeling of detachment. Half-Malaysian and half-Irish, the South East London-based newcomer layers wistful, syrupy vocals over production that draws from the UK rave canon but with a restless, textural slant. It’s music for pre-drinking while applying eyeliner; the messy afters; the 8am Uber journey home.

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Bonsoir Mathilda




Inspired by autotuned cloud rap and dancehall emo sad, Babysolo33 composes as she would write her diary, with a melancholy that propels us into a falsely naive journey. Through collaborations with the greatest producers of the moment, Babysolo33 embarks us in a teen movie that reveals her rages, her dreams and her disappointments in love.


There were the famous Abcdr parties. There were two memorable episodes of Sauce Club. Now there are the Mouse Parties. The name changes but the promise remains the same: to party all night long on a lot of bangers and very little Zumba. Around Mehdi Maizï, you'll find some of the best Parisian rap DJ's, able to play a track by 1pliké140, an obscure one by Freeze Corleone and a classic one by Dany Dan without any problem. If you've spent time listening to and watching programs like NoFun, l'Abcdr, La Sauce, Rap Jeu or Le Code, the Mouse Party will be their answer in the form of a party, with the ambition of recreating the vibe of Mehdi's shows.
Juggling between R&B, rap and house, Yanis Phen has been a music lover since he was young. Somewhere between the influence of the Neptunes and the French Touch, he is the sensual touch you need for your party. 
A leading rap journalist, Mehdi Maizï actually prefers to listen to rap music all night rather than talk about it for hours. That's why he organizes these parties.

Droits réservés
Droits réservés

Originally from the South of France, Raphael Palacci is part of the new generation of House, Tech House and Nu Disco DJs.

At the age of 11, this electronic music enthusiast received his first DJ controller. Over time, he also began producing music. At the age of 14, he performs in bars, local restaurants but mostly in private parties.

3 years later, he signed his first track: Ice Cream, on the Spanish label Good Stuff Recordings. A few weeks later, he signed his first collaboration, Funky Plane, on UML Records.

The year 2021 marks a real turning point in his career as he wins the European Springboard of the Delta Festival. Thereafter, everything follows. He does his first press and radio interviews. He performs then on the main stage of the Delta Festival but also on other festivals like the Positif Festival, the Festival Ensemble sur les Plages or realizes a set on Clubbing TV!





Pierre-Ange Carlotti

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