Interview with Laetitia Dosch

Interview with Laetitia Dosch

Participant(s)  Laetitia Dosch

LUMA Days #4 joined forces with the 1st edition of Agir pour le Vivant (Actions for Sustainable Living) Festival

LUMA Days joined forces with Agir pour le Vivant as part of the Festival’s lunch-dialogues which took place between 24th and 30th of August in the mythical Hotel Nord Pinus in Arles. On this occasion, the Festival guests were invited to take part in a series of interviews around the issues of transition, the crisis of our imaginations, the new geography and the subject of responsibility.

Laetitia Dosch, actress, author and stage director, shares with us her vision of the role of the artist in a world in transition. In her artistic practice, in an effort to fill the void created by the crisis of sensitivity, she brings to life the different points of view, which include those which go beyond the human race.

Trained as an actress, Laetitia Dosch grew up surrounded by animals and is also a writer. She wrote in particular a play with a horse, “Hate”. Her writing is inspired by her work as an actress, and is about putting yourself in the place of someone else. In the case of working with different animal species, this might sometimes seem close to anthropomorphism, although that isn’t how she would define it, or at least, she does not feel that it is less real than putting yourself in the place of another human being. She is currently working on a film about the trial of a dog and on plays and performances on the subject of vegetables and vegetation. The most recent is “Radio Trees”, a programme broadcast by trees to other trees.

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