LUMA Days 4 Online

“In Transit : A Geography of Change”

LUMA Days 4 offers a series of exceptional events broadcast online. A program of conferences, interviews, round tables and some live broadcasts enrich and nourish the theme of LUMA Days #4 « In Transit: A Geography of Change ».

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The concept of transition is inherent in a time of change and renewal, leading to the transformation of how we deal with the environment, technology, economy, education, health… It calls for a global reconstruction of our systems. It is not limited to a state of mind about the world, but it allows for action to build a more resilient society.

LUMA Days 4 online

A Crisis of the Imagination with Alexandre Cadain

Crisis or Metamorphosis? with Julien Dossier

Agir pour le Vivant: New Narratives for a Changing World

From the Studio to the Moon via the House with Uri Aran

Display Drama with Momoyo Kaijima & Petra Blaisse

A New World in Common with Michel Bauwens


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