Living with Rising Water


Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Saskia Van Stein
Participant(s)  Henriëtte Waal
Participant(s)  Han Meyer
Participant(s)  Sevince Bayrak
Participant(s)  Ghislaine Verrhiest-Leblanc
Participant(s)  Emilie Gascon
Year  2018

In May 2018, as part of LUMA Days #2, a forum of art and ideas, entitled Hospitality, Searching for Common Ground, we invited local and international experts, scientists, artists, thinkers, and activists to converge with the general public to share ideas and experiences around topical issues.

While hospitality is a fundamental value of any culture, this timeless and universal subject, often synonymous with harmony, seems to be gradually losing its strength, until recently it has taken on the opposite resonance. This second edition of the LUMA Days has questioned the notion of hospitality through several topical themes such as climate change, design, territorial resilience, heritage, culture, the foreigner and the identity.

For this occasion, to close the Living With Rising Water masterclass organised by Atelier LUMA from 23 March to 28 2018 with 40 art and architecture students, the students' results were presented throughout LUMA Days #2. A public conference was also organised with global water specialists and demountable building architects as well as local experts to raise awareness of this issue.


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