Michel Feher's point of view

with Michel Feher

Director(s)  D.R.
Participant(s)  Michel Feher
Year  2011

This talk addresses the advent of a new regime of a xenophobic democracy in the European Union.

How are we to make sense of the fact that an increasingly overt xenophobic immigration policy is arguably the main object of consensus among European governments, considering that the EU is supposed to be both morally cemented by the “never again” of 1945 and politically informed by the victory of liberal democracy and its universal values in 1989?

The purpose is not to expose the hypocrisy of political elites or question the nature of their proclaimed universalism but to understand why the so-called “problem of immigration” has become so central in their discourses while claiming to hold true to humanist values.

With Michel Feher, philosopher, co-founder and President of the assocition "Cette France-là", Paris.

Conference organized as part of The Human Snapshot Symposium (2011)

Associated tags

Politique Universel Conférence

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