The Conditions for the Appearance of an Image with Roger Buergel

with Roger Buergel

Participant(s)  Roger Buergel
Year  2011

Two legendary exhibitions, “The Family of Man” (1955) and “documenta” (1955), will be compared to “Bahia no Ibirapuera,” an exhibition conceived by Lina Bo Bardi and Martim Gonçalves during the fifth Bienal de São Paulo in 1959.

While the two Western exhibitions, due to their ideological underpinnings, had to be unashamedly universalist in their poetic zeal, “Bahia no Ibirapuera” (as well as other exhibitions by Bo Bardi) suggested an elegant way out of the impasse of an unspecified or humanist viewership.

By foregrounding contingency or the aleatory as principles of display, Bo Bardi staged forms of sensual collaboration in which relational regimes based on individuality (and knowledge) lose their footing in favor of what Leo Bersani calls “the multiplication of the individual's positionality in the universe.”

With Roger Buergel, independent curator, Curator of documenta 12 in 2007.

Conference organized as part of The Human Snapshot Symposium.

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