Nacera Belaza: "The body is only a possible emanation of what goes through the individual."

In Artistic Residency at LUMA Arles

Director(s)  Mélanie Grondin
videography  Mélanie Grondin
Creative Editor  Mélanie Grondin
Participant(s)  Nacera Belaza
Interview  Luz Gyalui
Year  2020

On the occasion of the creation of her new piece, entitled L’Onde (The Wave), we invited Nacera Belaza and her dance company for a two-week artistic residency. 
With her dual French-Algerian culture, Nacera Belaza has always been fascinated by traditional North African dances. Largely inspired by these dances where the mind takes centre stage, the choreographer’s new work plunges us into a world led only by instinct.
L’Onde is a journey that tackles the notions of ritual and intimacy – the very essence of the human being. Exploring slow and repetitive movements, Nacera Belaza lets the original letting go emerge in order to bring out the profound nature of the human being – the common nature that unites us. Through a sensitive listening of their bodies and space, the dancers draw their gestures from their inner selves, and occupy the stage, although it is empty.
How to express one’s deepest self? How to master one’s body? How to let oneself go? We ask these questions to Nacera Belaza through this interview.

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