Replay: Algae Summit (English)

LUMA Eco Days #2

Participant(s)  Claude Yepremian
Participant(s)  Caroline Bianco
Participant(s)  Jan Boelen
Participant(s)  Johanna Weggelaar
Participant(s)  Isabelle Viallon
Participant(s)  Susanne Kadner
Participant(s)  Henriëtte Waal
Participant(s)  Anne-Claire Hostequin
Participant(s)  Adeline Weppe
Participant(s)  Sébastien Dutreuil
Participant(s)  Florine Colbalchini
Participant(s)  Susana Fernandes
Participant(s)  Mariachiara Chiantore
Participant(s)  Filip van Dingenen
Participant(s)  Ellen Schoenmakers
Participant(s)  Julien Le Tellier
Participant(s)  Lilian Ducci
Participant(s)  Vincent Usache
Participant(s)  Adrien Vincent
Participant(s)  Philippe Lavoisier
Participant(s)  Eric Klarenbeek
Participant(s)  Maartje Dros
Participant(s)  Violaine Buet
Participant(s)  Jean François Sassi
Participant(s)  Fredrik Gröndahl
Participant(s)  Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Participant(s)  Jan Wurm
Participant(s)  Lucie Novoveska
Participant(s)  Jean François Raffalli
Participant(s)  Alexandra Dubini
Participant(s)  Shneel Malik
Participant(s)  Brenda Parker
Participant(s)  Marc-André Selosse
Year  2020

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On December 9th, Atelier LUMA hosted its first international Algae Summit from Arles, South of France. The Algae Summit, organized by the Algae Platform, marks the achievement of 4 years of research in the field of algae and opens up new fields of research for the future.

In line with Atelier LUMA’s philosophy, the Algae Summit was created with the ambition to connect the research around algae with the environmental and social urgencies of our time. Both international and local actors were invited to take part in round table discussions on the event's central topic, which was the role of algae in the necessary ecological and cultural transition within territories.

The Algae Summit has been a day of online conferences and debates accompanied by a selection of related contents.

The Algae Summit was an important moment to put forward a number of proposals and fuel ongoing reflections. At Atelier LUMA design is thought of as a tool for transition. We advocate for approaches and methodologies rather than ready-made solutions, and we rely on the power of the community. We are looking forward to exploring further, inviting new voices into the discussion, and carrying out concrete proposals on the ground.

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