Accelerated sunny day

Director(s)  Devisubox

The Luma Tower designed by Frank Gehry, is the Parc des Ateliers center piece.

It will house archives, exhibition and presentation spaces, seminar rooms and a café/restaurant. The building, scheduled to open in June 26th 2021, changes in appearance as one moves around it, as each of the panels reflects light differently. Over the course of the day the building takes on the colors and hues of the surrounding context and sky, adding the impression of movement across the facades.

The exterior cladding of the building is made of more than 11.000 stainless steel blocks that seek to capture the movement of discrete elements across a surface.

This manner of breaking down the surface to visible modules became an important theme in the surface development of the building as it reinforced the idea of a “painterly building.”

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2019 Architecture Chantier



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