From the ateliers SNCF to the Parc des Ateliers

by Rolande Gontier

Director(s)  Stéphane Lévy
Participant(s)  Rolande Gontier
Music by  Lucien Malecot
Year  2019

"Everyone was very attached to the SCNF workshops. People of Arles fought against the closure of the site. It was a fight of the city, its elected officials and the population (…) Then in ’83, the town hall changed. The workshops became a storage warehouse for Provence herbs, which was badly experienced by the Arlesians and especially by the railway men. Then the site became a kind of no man’s land frequented by junkies. Can you imagine these SNCF workshops, this energy, become a mere warehouse for Provence herbs and toilet paper? It was a real decay of the site… It was a very difficult period. So when the LUMA project arrived, it made people think about it."

Rolande Gontier

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