Conversation with Sara Sadik: Les Vaillants

with Malaa and Julie Boukobza

Participant(s)  Sara Sadik
Participant(s)  MALAA
Participant(s)  Julie Boukobza

By mixing fiction and documentary, Sara Sadik's work takes a look at the youth culture of working-class neighborhoods, which she documents in short films. 
In this conversation, the artist presents with MALAA, a young artist composer and performer from Arles, a film entitled Les Vaillants that she made during her artistic residency at LUMA. 
Through the search for a treasure hidden in the underground of the city, then segmented into districts established according to the social origins of the inhabitants, Les Vaillants deals with the place of Arles' youth in the area and social mythologies. A docu-fiction that evokes the dreams, hopes and ambitions of a generation, both in the present and in a prospective future.

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