Conference: Geopolitic of Rare Metals

Guillaume Pitron

Participant(s)  Guillaume Pitron

The geopolitics of rare metals is naturally at the heart of the challenges of the energy transition.
Today, solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are gradually replacing coal- and oil-fired power plants and conventional cars. But these technologies require a huge production of metals when industrialized and definitely have ecological costs. 
In this interview, Guillaume Pitron tells us about his trip to China. This trip was about research on graphite and rare earth extractions, which have a strong impact on the environment, but also on the health of local people.
How to resolve the paradox between the idea of an ecological world and the way these resources are extracted? Are green energies really green? Will we have enough of these resources to make the transition in the time frame we have set? Can we meet the goals of the Paris agreements as they were set by 2100?


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