Round table: Recompose, with what Resources?

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, Guillaume Pitron, Philippe Bihouix

Participant(s)  Jean-Baptiste Fressoz
Participant(s)  Guillaume Pitron
Participant(s)  Philippe Bihouix
Participant(s)  Maria Finders

For many years, the international scientific community has been drawing attention to the need for an energy transition. 
In this video, Philippe Bihouix, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz and Guillaume Pitron raise some questions on the subject to which answers remain unclear.
Will we succeed in meeting the climate challenge? Are we governing the global energy system? How to manage the plethora of fossil fuels in the face of the climate wall? How can we abandon the idea of exploiting resources that are abundant but dangerous for the climate? Are the ecological costs of exploiting raw materials higher than the benefits we get from them? What is the role of national sovereignty in these issues?


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