Observations about the Territorial Development

Participant(s)  Philippe Thuru
Participant(s)  Joël Rumello
Participant(s)  Silvie Aries
Participant(s)  Laetitia Sariroglou

A look back at the first day of LUMA Days 5, a yearly forum of Art and Ideas, on the theme "Recompose, with what resources?".

Following a day punctuated by exchanges with experts who came to share their knowledge on various resources, a restitution of this day of dialogue is presented by the writing residency. Inspired by the content of the conferences and workshops, as well as the personalities of the LUMA Days speakers, four invited authors developped live, in different literary genres (short story, theater play, anticipation, thriller), a series of short fictions.
Silvie Aries, writer, talks about the "Entre soi";
Philippe Thuru, writer, wrote a text entitled "Nous irons tous au paradigme";
Laetitia Sariroglou, journalist, confides in a text called "Vertiges de LUMA";
Joel Rumello, writer, talks about "Itinéraires pour des mondes possibles".

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2021 Conférence Territoire

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