Chapter 5/5: Finding Balance

with Michel Bauwens

Director(s)  Victor Simon
Participant(s)  Jan Boelen
Participant(s)  Michel Bauwens
Participant(s)  Maria Finders
Year  2020

17 April 2020, 
Chiang Mai (TH)

In this chapter, Michel Bauwens focuses on mediation and the importance to maintain pluralistic curation platforms, calling for other ways for legitimacy. 

Through a conversation with Michel Bauwens — Belgian activist who has been working for years in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property - we will develop five different themes related to the current Covid-19 crisis as "the great revealer and the great accelerator". He will share with us his analysis on this uncertain period, giving us tools for an Economy that should serve the Common Good, based on contributions to create shared resources. He addresses issues relating to scale, to governance, to mediation, and how to build a better balanced long-term equilibrium.


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