Nine notions of the metasystemic

with Paul Graham Raven

Director(s)  Victor Simon
Participant(s)  Paul Graham Raven
Participant(s)  Maria Finders
Year  2020

22 july 2020, 
Malmö, Sweden

In this video Paul Graham Raven – postdoctoral researcher for Lund University in Sweden, exploring infrastructural reconfigurations for Anthropocene futures – presents his nine notions of the metasystemic followed by a Q&A. Throughout this conversation he offers us his comprehensive view of the neoliberal infrastructure within its own complex geography in the post-Covid world. He questions technological evolution and the connivance of platforms enabling the infrastructure to lock in and perpetuate existing hierarchies, as opposed to protocols. He also addresses the topic of socioeconomic change, and the role of artists and thinkers in this process, as well as their limits.  


The Gulf War Did Not Take Place 
by Jean Baudrillard

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
by John Perry Barlow

‘Doomscrolling’ During COVID-19: What It Does to You and How You Can Avoid It

Cara Courage of Tate Exchange

The Dynamics of Social Practice: Everyday Life and how it Changes
by Elizabeth Shove, Mika Pantzar, Matt Watson

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