Feeling the park

with Bas Smets

Director(s)  Mélanie Grondin
Creative Editor  Mélanie Grondin
Participant(s)  Bas Smets
Interview  Mélanie Grondin
Associate videographer  Dronimages
Music by  Ketsa - Make New
Year  2021

After a few months in which nature and the art of “letting go” have taken control of the landscape park, Bas Smets looks back on the life that has settled in the garden. Whether human or animal, near the pond or on the lawns, the nature has found its place in the park, a place that is now alive and inviting to relaxation, discovery and all kinds of leisure activities.
The landscape park designed by Bas Smets is nominated in the "Public spaces and landscapes" category for the 2021 edition of the Equerre d'argent, an architecture prize.

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