Du fil au défilé": A workshop to discover the fashion industry

A workshop to discover the fashion industry

Director(s)  Victor & Simon

In 2018, LUMA partnered with the city of Arles to organize a series of educational workshops for school groups to discover the fashion industry. 
Developed in collaboration with ANTI_FASHION, these educational workshops designed for at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and social centers in Arles. Special attention was paid to students from the professional sections, and in particular those from the CAP (vocational training certificate) in fashion trades - fuzzy clothing. Bringing together about 200 participants, this project highlighted the entire creative process, from the design to the manufacture of the garment, including the production of the material and the presentation of the collection. 
This series of workshops is a continuation of the cultural mediation actions carried out since 2015 by LUMA as part of its educational program, in which more than 1 300 students from Arles and its region have participated since its launch. 

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