Where is your place in Nature?

Repositioning humans within biodiversity

Director(s)  Samuel Thomas

Since 2020, this educational project invites middle school children to question the place of Man within biodiversity.

The project "Where is your place in Nature? Repositioning humans within biodiversity" invites students to consider more attentively the environment, the seasonal cycles, and the knowledge of plant species using, as a point of departure, a visit to the vegetable garden of the Chassagnette restaurant that is located at the heart of the Camargue and workshops at the Parc des Ateliers landscape park in Arles.

The project is divided into several sessions that take place throughout the year and aims to help children discover the life cycle of a plant from its beginning as a seed to its arrival on a plate. The workshop also aims to promote understanding of the seasonality of plants, fruits and vegetables and to develop the students’ skills in observing nature. Above all else the students are encouraged to discover and respect the environment and biodiversity of the Arles area.

The project is divided into several phases that include interventions in class to develop essential knowledge of the subject of biodiversity, time spent in the gardens to discover the local flora and fauna, and tasting of seasonal fruits and vegetables during these sessions.

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