Art and Anarchism: Equality between dispute and misunderstanding

Lecture by Catherine Malabou

Participant(s)  Catherine Malabou
Year  2022

According to Malabou, 'An outstanding debate on the relationship between art and philosophy in recent decades can be epitomized by the debate between Jean-François Lyotard and Jacques Rancière on the question of the political role of art.
For Lyotard, it is paradoxically in the unpresentable that the political dissent manifests itself […]. Therefore, equality can neither be represented nor materialize.
Rancière, on the contrary, affirms that experience itself unfolds through artistic forms. Art, as a displacement of political discord, allows to repair the social apparatus and to think of equality as a form of offerring to spectators the possibility of emerging on the political scene by emancipating themselves.
Starting by this opposing argumentation, both Lyotard and Rancière arrive to the conclusion of a definition of art as an anarchist device.'
Where are we today?

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