Conversation: The Rural World: Site and Model for Knowledge Sharing - Domaine du Possible School

Participant(s)  Jean Rakovitch
Participant(s)  Émilie Rousselou

The school model has remained more or less the same since the creation of the Guizot law in 1833. This lack of reform may seem rather paradoxical in a world that has experienced upheavals, crises, and revolutions, including one of the greatest cultural revolutions that has affected humanity: the digital revolution. 
In the presence of all these numerous evolutions, how can we (re)think about school today? How to reform the current model? What is the role of teachers today?
In this video, Jean Rakovitch and Émilie Rousselou present the challenges of the École du Domaine des Possibles, an experimental school located in the Camargue. 

École du Domaine des Possibles
In 2015, Françoise Nyssen and Jean-Paul Capitani, at the head of the publishing house Actes Sud, created an experimental school in Arles. Based on curiosity and the joy of learning, encouraging independent research and an active learning experience, the Domaine du Possible School wishes to give its students the ability to understand the meaning of what they are learning, to experience a strong relationship with the surrounding nature, and to be accompanied in their uniqueness.

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