TOGETHER, a declaration of interdependence

The theme explored for this edition refers to one of the major issues of our societies: TOGETHER, a declaration of interdependence...

Why do we talk about interdependence? The concept of interdependence appeared in 1944 with the writings of the American philosopher and historian Will Durant, author of the first manifesto which claimed the principles of equality and freedom of Man as vectors of harmony. Over time, the notions of ethics, environment and ecology have come to nourish and densify the scope of interdependence, no longer limited to the relationship between man and man but between man and the world, thus taking into account the direct repercussions of his actions on the environment.

The emergence of collaborative structures from the 2000s onwards reflects this growing desire for interdependence, in order to put in place concrete means of acting together. But at a time when the world of work is changing, aren't the concepts of "living together" and "working together" utopias? How can we define the necessary balance of these new Man/Machine relationships? Shouldn't the notions of governance, legislation and regularization of these new relationships be questioned and explored?

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