Art as a study of Interdependence with Marinna Simnett and Estelle Zhong Mengual

With Marinna Simnett and Estelle Zhong Mengual

Participant(s)  Marianna Simnett
Participant(s)  Estelle Zhong Mengual
Year  2019

In May 2019, as part of LUMA Days #3, a forum of art and ideas, entitled Together, a Declaration of Interdependence, we invited local and international experts, scientists, artists, thinkers, and activists to converge with the general public to share ideas and experiences around topical issues.

At a time of global transformation, and despite the capacity to instantly mobilize the individual, the concepts of « living together » and « working together » often seem out of reach. Are they just utopian ideals? The third edition of LUMA Days invites us to explore new concepts of interdependence in many forms.

For this occasion, LUMA Arles welcomed Marinna Simnett, artist, and Estelle Zhong Mengual, art historian, around a conversation on the concept of interdependence in art. Is artwork a relationship or rather an outcome? They discuss collective creative experience and the relationship between the artist and their viewer created through art.

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