Ghetto Gastro's “social sculpture”

with Jon Gray

Director(s)  Victor & Simon
Participant(s)  Jon Gray
Year  2019

"Ghetto Gastro is Bronx' based collective of culinary artists, social sculptures and activists that like to use food and the act of dining and communion as a medium to create new narratives and to tell stories and empower people in our community.
Growing up with friends that were some of the most talented chefs in my opinion in the world and thinking about coming from the Bronx, going to different spaces and not being represented in these spaces and wanting to really shed light on where we're from what we're doing to change the narrative of who gets to define luxury, and create what that means with these things by who controls the hierarchy of value. You know, and we're taking ideas, flavors, people from oppressed environments, are like ghettos and creating work that is hard to find and of high value." - Jon Gray, chef and founder of Ghetto Gastro


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